Logo letter

Holding on to her oath to serve, she set out to educate the public on health living and disease prevention through simple, accessible and affordable ways and tools!



To become the most reliable, affordable and accessible Morden health and wellness service provider in Tanzania.



  • To educate and empower the general public with knowledge about health, and provide suitable curative and preventive solutions.
  • To transfer knowledge and skills to junior members in the clinical field for better care of our patients!



Dedication, Intergrity and Compassion are our core principles!

About Feypassion!


Feypassion is an African native, Tanzanian owned health service provider that was founded in 2019. It started as an online health educational tool and grew into a fully fledged health and wellness clinic, that not only provides specialised health care, but also health education and skill transfer to its people.


Dr. Faraja Mdegella, Founder and CEO of FeyPassion observed that majority of patients who sought medical treatment were in need of health counselling, education and advice on lifestyle modification or health in general than actual treatment! For those who needed treatment, they also needed additional education or advice on how to maintain their health or avoid falling back into similar health conditions!